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Athletic Rules & Code of Conduct

The Athletic Code applies to all students who want to participate in athletics and/or activities at CEL. Athletics includes competitive sports, extracurricular activities, and cheerleading. This code applies in addition to other rules and regulations concerning student conduct and imposes additional requirements on student participants.

Participation in athletics is a privilege. Those who participate in athletics have a responsibility to favorably represent the school and community. Student athletes are expected to conduct themselves both in and out of school in a manner appropriate to their responsibilities as representatives of the school and district. If a student fails to comply with the terms of this code, the privilege to participate in athletics may be lost in accordance with the terms of this Athletic Code.

Behavioral Conduct

Being a student athlete/extra-curricular participant means showing good conduct during the school day, as well as during practice or an event. Consequences are not scheduled around extra-curricular activities and cannot be rescheduled. On the day a student serves a suspension (in or out of school), the student will lose the privilege of all evening activities (game, match, practice, school dance, etc.).

Misconduct by student-athletes will not be tolerated. Misconduct shall include but shall not be limited to:

  1. Insubordination
  2. Any behavior or action which is negligently or intentionally injurious to a person or property or which places a person or property at risk of injury or damage
  3. Any behavior which disrupts the appropriate conduct of a school program or activity
  4. Hazing, bullying, or harassment of any kind
  5. Use of profanity
  6. Exhibition of bad sportsmanship
  7. Violation of any school rules or regulations or law

If a student receives a 5th detention or a 2nd suspension, he/she will be removed from the team or club for the remainder of the season.

Rules in Effect

The rules set forth in this Athletic Code are in effect throughout the school year from the first practice session for any particular sport during a particular school term until the last day of that sport or until the last day of the school term whichever comes last and twenty-four hours a day, whether or not school is in session and including vacation periods, and holidays. The rules apply on and off campus and whether or not the misconduct occurs at school or a school-sponsored activity or in some other locale. The rules apply to an athlete from the beginning of the athlete's first tryout or practice in the first sport which the athlete attempts until the completion of any school year or the completion of the athlete’s season whichever comes last.

Section 9 Athletics and Extra-Curricular Policies from the Student Handbook.pdf - click to view

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